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Recruiting Buddy is a leading provider of telesales and telemarketing services: business-to-business, business-to-consumer, outbound, inbound. Build A Force can meet all of your telemarketing needs.

We recruit intelligent articulate professionals, and provide training on business, sales, and phone selling techniques. We educate them about your company, and put them to work in dedicated teams. Then we monitor their performance continuously to help them improve.

Build A Force will quickly and effectively launch an outbound telemarketing campaign for your company. We cater to companies looking for individual telemarketers, to those looking for scalable teams to meet their telemarketing needs.

We can build an extensive database of leads and contacts, and can assist you in obtaining a database of prospects that meet your criteria if you do not already have one.

As we get your telemarketing campaign up and running, we help to develop sales scripts, and train our telemarketers before they hit the phones to ensure that your campaign will be a successful one.


Call your existing customers and prospects to perform surveys, tell about promotions, offer trade-in credits, sell products and services, generate and qualify leads, prompt your customers to visit stores and showrooms and set appointments. Give existing buyers heads-up on hot deals, and create live transfers. Turn outbound customer care calls into outbound telemarketing calls by cross- selling/upselling targeted offers. 

Customer care support is strength for any company, as nothing is more important to a company than its customers; for without them, they wouldn’t be in business. At Build A Force, we fully recognize and understand the magnitude and importance of being entrusted to support your customers. We leverage our vast amount of experience to provide exceptional customer care, promote customer satisfaction and drive customer loyalty through a variety of proven methods.

Our complete customer care overall commitment to both you and your customer enables us to develop best practices and expertise for your company. Our process consists in the following:

  • Conduct market surveys

  • Understand your business analytics

  • Track customer satisfaction through review

  • Define security processes

  • Customize reward marketing programs (referrals)


Use inbound customer service representatives to handle any customer questions or concerns, problems, or technical issues. With professional trained service representatives speaking to your customers will ensure that the best customer service attention is given from within your company. The representative’s representation of your company will be kept to the highest quality of service to ensure satisfaction from your customers.

Build A Force is uniquely qualified to offer your company and your customers superior inbound telemarketing services. We have fully integrated state-of-the-art facilities, automated call and data gathering services that are all designed to meet the specific needs of your company.


Use outbound telemarketing to acquire customers, qualify prospects and pass hot leads to sales reps and deal closers. Target geographical areas globally and focus on specific industry markets to offer your products, programs, or services. Penetrate and market to key decision makers including “C” Level Executives, Directors, VP’s and Company Owners. 

For any size business that wants to ensure that their telemarketing efforts are successful, conducting a lead generation telemarketing campaign has become essential. Today, more telemarketing campaigns are being carried out by outsourced professional lead generation and telemarketing services experts; we specialize in creating, executing, and managing telemarketing sales lead campaigns.

By allowing Build A Force lead your telemarketing campaign, you will benefit from the highest qualified leads that have the highest chance of converting into sales. Your business needs and campaign objectives will be met, through our skills in developing and implementing smart and successful campaigns.


- Project Manager


Present attractive, targeted offers to prospects and existing customers with outbound telemarketing calls. Get the most out of print ads, and infomercials, and inbound telemarketing with cross- sells/upsells. Our Professionally trained Business- to-Consumer Specialists have the experience to properly introduce such offers to customers, which will result in a high conversion rate of your offerings.

By properly identifying your targeted prospects and aligning them with the proper offers we eliminate any unnecessary calls to unqualified individuals. Our B2C Specialists have vast experience in identifying a highly quality list, and properly relaying the message that will ensure the proper remarketing.


Build A Force works hard to understand your business and the industry you’re in. We want to understand your products and services so well that the technical support we provide is as good as the service your actual employees would provide. Our Customer Service Representatives are trained extensively in how to help your customers when they have questions. The people we hire not only have terrific customer care skills, they typically have technical knowledge specific to your industry.

Publish, display and mention your phone numbers in catalogs, direct mail, emails, faxes, print ads, on websites and in DRTV/radio spots to generate orders and leads. Rely on inbound telemarketing to acquire and qualify buyers for follow up by your sales reps, close sales, process orders and cross- sell/upsell offers. 24 hours per day 7 days per week.


American Business-to-Business Lead Generation/Appointment Setting Experts: Highly trained business development experts who are comfortable and effective at reaching high “C” level executives and company owners. Each Business-to-Business expert has many years of outbound cold calling experience specializing in lead generation, and appointment setting.

B2B Lead Generation is an essential must have for all businesses, whether you are a SMB or a Fortune 500 company. The concept is simple; find prospective businesses needing your products and/or services and inform them that your products and/or services are a viable solution to their needs.

This is normally done through cold calling efforts towards a defined target audience. However, sales lead generation can also be used to follow up on trade show contacts, webinar attendees, website inquiries or even older prospects that you have not reached out to for several months or years. Our highly experienced team learns everything there is to know about your products and services, their values and key differentiators from your competitors, so we are able to tailor a customized and effective calling campaign.

Offshore Business-to-Business Specialists: Highly trained business development experts who are comfortable and effective at reaching “C” level executives and company owners. Each Business- to-Business Specialist has many years of both outbound cold calling and inbounds experience specializing in lead generation, and appointment setting. Your company will benefit from having it’s own team of B2B specialists, as they will be an ambassador to your company and your products and/or services. Knowing that your company is been represented a high level of experience will ensure success starting from the first contact with your prospect and current customers. Most B2B specialists also have experience as “Team Leaders” and Floor Managers.

American Business to Business Sales Closing Experts: Highly trained and successful business to business sales closers who are comfortable and effective at selling business to business products, programs, and services to “C” level executives and company owners. Each Business-to-Business Sales Closer has many years of selling and closing experience with businesses over the telephone.

Our experts are completely fluent with real-world models of B2B telemarketing and are able to have conversations at a depth about your company and services/products that only the most sagacious and intuitive professionals are able to have.

Such qualities come from intensive training that are given to our experts in a constant and well managed manner. During our training sessions, we map topics the prospects bring up to deep dive into their requirements and plans.

Appointment Setting is absolutely crucial to most companies; it is specifically beneficial to companies with smaller sales forces. Many salespeople simply do not have the time to make the necessary amount of calls to produce their own appointments. Appointment Setting is a great way to allow you to focus on closing sales. We can help.

Offshore Appointment Setting/Survey Taking professionals: Professionally trained Appointment Setters and Survey Takers who are comfortable speaking with “C” level executives and company owners. Each Appointment Setting/Survey taking professional has at least 3 years of outbound cold calling experience and or inbound experience and specializes in lead generation, appointment setting, or survey taking. Knowing that appointments will be set on your behalf will allow focusing more on the actual meeting, rather than seeking for new appointments. As stated, our professionals will ensure to speak to the correct person, including “C” level executives, ensure that your meeting is will the decision maker.

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